Reuben's Memorial Fund

Reuben was one of the first birds at Farm Bird Sanctuary, and only the second rooster resident. He came to live with us in November 2016. We lost Reuben on October 31st, 2019, to a brain tumor.

Reuben struggled with health problems his entire life, went through lots of diagnostics, we tried many medications, many vet visits. We estimate the total of the vet bills he accrued in three years to be just over $3,000.

Reuben was given all of the medical attention he needed and deserved, just as all the birds that call Farm Bird Sanctuary do.

Veterinary bills are an ongoing expense for us, and by far our largest. We are at the vet most weeks at least once. We try to always take the birds that most need medical care and attention from rescues and personal requests. We feel especially drawn to those that we believe will most benefit from our experience and love.

We currently care for the following birds that need consistent vet care/medications/check-ups:

Fiddle – one legged rooster
Happy- one legged duck
Grover – rooster with lung mass that means lifelong breathing issues
Raisin – completely immobile hen hatched with two splayed legs
Calvin – senior ex-fighting rooster with chronic leg issues
Diefenbaker – senior Pekin duck with limited mobility
Angel – ex-fighting rooster with one eye and large, cancerous tumors on wings

Our newest rescue, Pixie, is a very overweight Cornish Cross hen with a dislocated hip, fluid retention likely due to liver/heart failure. We have high hopes for her while we get to know her and keep her on medications.

Reuben’s Memorial Fund will serve as a reminder that our bills are ongoing (not just with new cases). Reuben was a loving, affectionate, smart, sweet, beautiful, amazing rooster. Reuben met thousands of humans throughout his life and advocated tirelessly for himself and other chickens. The world would be a better place if we were all a little more like Reuben.

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